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Would You like to Get Free Tupperware?

No doubt you have heard about the Tupperware Party at home, but did you know about the Tupperware Online Party? Tupperware offers 2 ways to earn FREE Tupperware! Please read about them both below and choose the one that suits you best!

TupperConnect Online Party...

Hosting an Online TupperConnect online party is the BEST way to earn free and 1/2 priced Tupperware products. Once you fill out your information below I will set up your TupperConnect party for you and you will be emailed a link to set up your account and invite your friends and family. You can share this link through email, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. When somoene places an order through your special link you will receive credit for your party sales and the products will be shipped immediately to the person ordering them. They do not have to wait until the party closes.

When you host a TupperConnect party we have to submit at least $175 in sales that I manually add to your party in order to receive the host benefits. I will email you the current catalog and the current Tupperware sales brochure so you can collect orders that we can submit manually. Your guests are also welcome to call me to place their orders over the phone if they do not feel comfortable ordering online and these sales will go towards the $175 minimum.

TupperConnect parties must be closed within 45 days of the opening of the party or you will not receive credit for the online sales. Take a look at the Tupperware Host Benefits when you host a TupperConnect Party.

Register your TupperConnect Party by filling out the form below.

Tupperware Online Party...

Host an Online Tupperware Party for convenience and fun! Based on your sales volume, you can earn eGift certificates redeemable for hundreds of dollars' worth of free Tupperware products! Earn free Tupperware® merchandise and have fun doing it! Host a Tupperware Online Party today!

When you visit the Tupperware website you can register an online party and you send email invitations to your friends and family to shop for Tupperware online.  Your online Tupperware Party will remain open for 2 weeks.  When your guests order online, everything is shipped directly to them by Tupperware.  You do not have to collect money or deliver products!

When you register an online Tupperware party and send email invitations to your friends and family,   be sure to send yourself an invitation too!  When you shop through your own online party, your order also goes towards your party total! This is perfect when we have a sale ending and you want to order the product before your online party ends!

Visit the Tupperware web site today and register your online Tupperware party!

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Make Money with Tupperware

Want to supplement your income? Sign up for a Tupperware account, promote your Tupperware business and services directly from your Tupperware website, at Tupperware Parties, in newsletters, offline publications, etc. and receive a generous sales commission as a Tupperware dealer.  It's fun and easy!  Everyone loves Tupperware and we need consultants nationwide!

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