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Tupperware Online Fundraiser

Are you looking for an easy and profitable fundraiser for your school, church, team, daycare or organization?  Earn money for your favorite organization today by hosting an Online Tupperware Fundraiser!

Why Choose Tupperware for your Fundraiser

  • The Tupperware name is well branded and respected name
  • Tupperware helps people save money, waste and space
  • Most Tupperware products carry a Lifetime Warranty
  • It's easy and fun to hold a Tupperware Fundraiser
  • There is something for everyone, on every budget!

A TupperConnect™ Fundraiser provides a solution for sellers who want to reach family and friends who they otherwise might not reach with a traditional fundraiser. Fundraiser buyers can view and purchase products to support the fundraiser, from the comfort of their home.

When you register an Online Tupperware Fund Raiser you will receive a special link to email to your friends, family and participants.  You can share this link by email, post on a website or share with your friends and family on facebook, Twitter or other social media websites.

How much will you make?

Organizations who hold Tupperware fundraisers will receive 40% of suggested retail on all products sold! The Organization’s Profit for online orders is provided by Tupperware. Profit checks are mailed within two weeks of closing the Tupperware fundraiser and sent directly to the Organization Name and Address provided.

TupperConnect™ Fundraisers FAQ

Q. Can a fundraiser in the U.S. sell to family and friends in Canada?
A. No. All captains, sellers and customers must reside within the country where the fundraiser originates.

Q. How and when will the fundraiser organization receive payment?
A. Tupperware will issue one check for 40% of the online sales totals to the fundraising organization within two weeks after the fundraiser closes, depending upon the day the fundraiser closes. Checks are mailed on the Wednesday following the submission of the fundraiser.

Q. Can the fundraiser organizer monitor sales?
A. Yes. The TupperConnect™ Fundraiser Summary page displays the total sales generated, including the total retail amount entered in My Sales PLUS the total retail amount of internet orders placed for
the fundraiser that are entered by fundraiser customers on

Q. Can the organization have more than one TupperConnect™ Fundraiser going at the same time?
A. No, The organization can have only one TupperConnect™ Fundraiser open at a time.

Register Your Tupperware Online Fundraiser

If you would like to set up a Tupperware Online Fundraiser please fill out the form below.  I will contact you to verify your information and set up your Tupperware Fund Raiser.  You will then receive an email at the email address that you provide to open your account so you can monitor your fundraising goals.

If you have any questions please contact me!

Wendy Leal
Tupperware Director

Make Money with Tupperware

Would you like to offer non profit groups and organizations a great fundraiser and also make money?

Sign up for a Tupperware account, promote your Tupperware business and services directly from your Tupperware website, at Tupperware Parties, with fundraisers, in newsletters, offline publications, etc. and receive a generous sales commission as a Tupperware dealer.  It's fun and easy!  Everyone loves Tupperware and we need consultants nationwide!

Click here to learn more about the Tupperware Business Opportunity.

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